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Welcome to the Matlin & Associates Blog

Estate Planning Attorney – Eric Matlin

Welcome to my blog. I am a lawyer concentrating my practice on estate planning. Most people consider the subject of estate planning a buzz-kill, something that is only important or interesting to other people. My goal is to reach two types of people: people who typically are concerned and read about law and finances and those who rarely, if ever, do. I want to educate a broad demographic of people about the idea that estate planning is not just for people who are wealthy or close to dying.

I have written estate plans for thousands of families, ranging from those with a negative net worth to those whose estate exceeds $10 million in assets. I know first-hand the repercussions of insufficient or non-existent estate planning. In 2004, I wrote The Procrastinator’s Guide to Wills and Estate Planning, published by NAL/Penguin.

I consider myself an empathetic person who listens to ordinary people about family wealth and dynamics. Many of my clients do not ordinarily step foot in a law office. I often patiently attempt to explain complex legal documents to people who read them as easily as Chinese algebra.

I try to take the mystery out of estate planning and make it easy for people to get the ball rolling. My initial estate planning consultation is free of charge, and I publish my firm’s estate-planning price schedule on my website.