About Matlin Law Group, P.C.

We are a law firm in Northbrook, IL that specializes in estate planning, probate, guardianships, estate administration, and estate litigation.  We also practice family law, prenuptial agreements, and  business enitity formation (LLC and Corp).

Attorney Eric Matlin is the owner of Matlin Group, P.C.  We have a total of six very experienced Attorneys and very helpful staff of Paralegals, Legal Assistants, and Administrative Assistants.

We are a unique law firm is that our primary goal is to first help people and educate them about the importance of estate planning.  We practice empathy and patience when working with our clients.

Our Philosphy:  Estate planning is about more than money or  possessions or property or simply deciding who gets  what. While those things are important, other aspects of creating an estate plan focus on you, your values,   and your legacy. In other words: How much or  how little you have doesn’t matter; an estate plan can  reflect your values and the people and causes you care about.


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